Why should I add scent to my printed material?2022-09-06T10:17:03+02:00

Scented printing is an added plus that engages the end user, leaving them with a long-lasting memory. Don’t you want your clients to remember you?

How much does scented printing cost?2022-09-13T10:15:01+02:00

It depends on the surface you want scented, how many essences you want to apply to your printed matter, and how much material you intend to print. Ask us for a quote.

What kind of printed matter can be scented?2022-09-13T10:14:54+02:00

Books, catalogues, packaging, invitations, shopping bags, labels, promo flyers, booklets, brochures, business cards.

How can I use it in my marketing plans?2022-09-13T10:14:45+02:00

First of all, to amaze and engage your clients: some companies adopt it for the launch of a brand or a product, others for mailing shots (Christmas, invitations to events, etc.). There is no limit to the imagination where scented printing is concerned.

What kinds of fragrances can I choose?2022-09-13T10:18:59+02:00

We have over a hundred different fragrances. Should none of them satisfy you completely, we can also sample and customise one just for you.

Are the fragrances natural?2022-09-13T10:14:27+02:00

Yes, they are made from water-based paints; when using scents customised for a client, a safety sheet and certification is requested.

How long does it last?2022-09-13T10:14:18+02:00

Aromaprint releases its maximum fragrance over the first six to nine months but if stored correctly, it will last much longer.

What kind of material can I have scent printed?2022-09-13T10:14:10+02:00

Paper or cardboard. We have a wide selection of samples on different media: some work better than others, we will advise you in your final selection.

Can I apply other kinds of finishes?2022-09-13T10:14:01+02:00

Yes, you can combine other kinds of additional finishes such as heat, dry and screen printing. Lamination is not possible however.

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